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Multilevel Marketing Business growing day by day, MLM Software plays an important role for successful multi level marketing business. Arnav Softech is a leading MLM software company in Ranchi provides featured right MLM Development solutions for all kind of multi level marketing companies that can be MLM business initiator or a corporate level MLM companies. Our fully featured developed MLM Software enables MLM companies to manage and run their direct selling business more effectively towards a successful way.

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Network Marketing Business Plans

Binary MLM Plan: The MLM Binary Plan is a most popular plan among MLM companies, network marketers, part-timers and members who want to earn through MLM business.

MLM (multi-level marketing) companies where new joiners introduced into Binary Tree structure i.e. one on left and another on right sub-tree. Generally, one side sub-tree is referred to as Power leg while other is Profit leg.
Power leg grows with new member placement, even introduced by previously enrolled or ancestors. New members in the power leg placed under a leaf available node of the binary tree, when a member works to grow his Profit leg, some compensation distributed calculated by a formula using certain value matched with Power leg that may be 1:1 or 2:1.

MLM Matrix Plan: MLM Matrix Plan also known as ladder Plan or Forced Matrix Plan in Multi-level marketing companies which is similar to pyramid.

Members which are organized in a particular width and depth are compensated when they achieve a set level. The MLM Company can set structure for members to qualify a particular level that may be 3 in width and 5 in depth. In other words a distributor only can introduce 3 as his front-line and a member can earn compensation up to 5th level.

Binary Uni-Level Plan: The MLM Uni level Plan running many Network Marketing Companies and providing an opportunity for the group or individual to earn huge profit.

One important thing with this MLM Uni level Plan is its simplicity; so that the MLM networker or company can explain Unilevel plan easily to their new comers who willing to join MLM business.

Uni-level Plan permits the affiliates to introduce new comers in its front line. There is no restriction for width i.e. a members can sponsor unlimited in width under his/her frontline and compensation distributed up to the limited depth. Further all frontline also efforts to do the same for earn bonuses or compensation.

MLM Generation Plan: The MLM Generation Plan is purely products selling, motivational MLM business plan. This Generation Plan best suited for the company who manufacturer of consumable products and want to sale their products directly to the end users.

In present competitive market company needs to give ads in different advertising media like TV, news papers to increase product selling. The Generation Plan Software offers you an opportunity in which there is no need to expense for advertisements.

The MLM Generation Plan is a concept which is based on profit sharing MLM business. The manufacturer share advertising expenses direct to their distributors. When a distributor sales a product the volume to be distributed towards up-lines, that is the reason it’s called a Generation Plan in MLM Industry.

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